Demon Scourge of Alteria

Episode 2

Tower of Balvanis

DM: Szabo

Synopsis: The party arrives at Lifehome and gets a much needed rest. The druid haven has become a refugee camp, filled with tents and makeshift shelters to accommodate the hundreds of people who have fled the warzone. The Archdruid Sunfang makes it known that he is seeking able bodies to assist the struggle, and the four travelers volunteer. Sunfang charges them to investigate rumors of an old, abandoned wizard’s tower. Rumors hold that there may be some connection between the tower and an organization called the Red Spade. The group is joined by an eladrin bard and a silent half-orc who accompany them to the tower.

Outside the tower, the group battles a group of dwarven guards, enter, and set off a trap which releases several imps into the main hallway. After defeating the imps, a dim, pulsating light implores the party to progress to the end of the corridor. There, they find an ancient tree which is trapped within a glowing runic circle. Two gnome wizards appear, initiate the ritual, and battle the party. During the battle, the tree’s life energy is sapped and the rune circle becomes a portal on the floor, which glows red and opens. From it emerges a human wizard who introduces himself as Balvanis of the Red Spade.

The party attacks, to no avail. He proves irresistibly powerful but does not use his powers to slay them. Instead, he points to two tomes lying on a podium at the base of the magical portal and suggests they bring it back to Sunfang. Then, the mysterious mage disappears in a flash of magical energy. Tired but encouraged by their success, the six companions return to Lifehome to deliver the tomes.

  • The Red Spade, a secret sect of unknown intention
  • Balvanis, wizard of the Red Spade



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