Demon Scourge of Alteria

A 4E D&D campaign based in Columbus, OH

Our group began as a group of friends, co-workers, and friends-of-friends, all drawn together by a mysterious higher purpose. Adventure!

We’re all D&D vets, but most of us are fairly new to 4E. No better way to learn than to jump right in, so we decided to rotate DM duties from week to week to spread the workload. Our games aren’t always pretty or ‘by the book’; we focus on story, wing it at the table, and work out the rules as we go. Play as you learn, learn as you play.

Without a single DM to guide the story, we lean on the spirit of improv to guide us along, always clinging to the golden rule: The DM Is Always Right. (Or, in our case, The Active DM.) When you’re behind the screen, your power is ultimate. When your session ends, you pass to the next guy, who now has full reign. He can kill every NPC you built, change the direction of every plot stem you seeded, and even blow up the freakin campaign world if he wants. Five of us have DMed so far, and the result has been a spectacular roleplaying experience.

We’re the blind leading the blind, making it up as we go along. And it’s a frikkin blast.

Our “improvisational arc” churns out a rich, dynamic story, but the rotating format presents unique challenges in organization. It’s tough when you only DM once every 1-2 months, and the myriad details will soon overwhelm us if we don’t get our act together. That’s where Obsidian Portal comes in, our central resource for compiling world lore and the evolving record of our adventures.

In the process, we hope to share with other people who may be interested in what we’re doing. If you’re a D&D fan reading this, we hope you enjoy digging through our world. We’d love any feedback you might want to share. If you’re our wives, girlfriends, or employers trying to find out what we’re doing every Wed night until 2:30am… put on your nerdsuit and get ready to jump in the Pool of Dork.

This is Demon Scourge of Alteria. Bad guys are everywhere. It’s time to save the world.

Demon Scourge of Alteria

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